Tips to Protect a Retail Shop Against Theft

Starting from small retail stores to supermarkets retail security guards are now an important part. Did you ever face situations of shoplifting? If you’re a retail shop owner and some of your products go missing, then what profit will you have? To avoid such situations approach Sniper Security Services for security guards Perth.  

We have the finest retail security guards for your service at the most affordable rates. Our security guards Perth are trained in such a manner that they become a part of your store staff. Hence, you’ll face no issues with the behavior and the attitude of our retail security guards Perth

Static security guard, event securities, concierge securities, mobile patrol service, construction security and gatehouse security services are also some of our specialties. Next time you’re in Perth and you face any danger. Do remember us and approach us. We are available 24/7 for your service. 

Are you often harassed by petty theft issues in your retail shop? These tips will surely ease your situation:

  1. Use CCTVs within your retail premises

Installing CCTVs is common sense. You’ll be able to monitor your whole store and its outer parts easily with CCTVs. Keep your CCTVs on for 24/7 and it will keep a record of all the activities that are going on around the store. 

CCTVs are already there in shopping malls, then why shoplifting cases are still reported? CCTVs do not assure that no such case will occur, but even if such cases occur, you’ll be able to check the identity of the thief from the footage. 

At Sniper Security Services, you not only get retail security guards but also get CCTV services. Our security guards are instructed to keep a close eye on CCTV recordings for the whole day and report to management for any kind of suspicious activity. 

  1. Convex mirrors – to show you the thief

Do you know that the thieves generally look for the blind spots in your retail shop? There will be parts within the store where there would be no CCTV coverage. It is also not possible for the security guard to patrol within the stores all the time. This will make the customer uncomfortable. 

Then, what can be the solution? Install convex mirrors in the store. An economical and effective anti-theft device which gives the staff an overview of the blind spots. Now, salespersons can see behind the rack, near fitting rooms and near washrooms, where the CCTVs do not have access.

Bad news for the shoplifters! They won’t be aware of the presence of the convex mirrors and as soon as they try to shoplift, security guards will catch them. 

This will also act as an added advantage for your sales team. These mirrors give a view of the spaces in between the racks. Now they’ll be able to check and help any customer stuck within the racks in search of any item. 

  1. Fix suitable working hours for retail security guards

You’re not present in your shop in the night. And your materials get robbed. How’s that possible when you’ve got a security guard at the place? Because you forgot to fix the hours of the guard.

Seldom it is seen that security guards are sleeping during the night watch. Naturally, one person can’t stay alert and vigilant for 24/7. Smart retailers thus appoint two security guards for two shifts. Divide the working hours of the securities and make sure that they abide by their routine. 

Now you can peacefully sleep at night, knowing that a responsible guard is protecting your shop and its belongings. 

  1. Use smart anti-theft devices

Browse through Amazon, and you’re sure to get loads of options for anti-theft devices. Installing one or two won’t harm. If you’re dealing in consumer electronics, then merchandising security is the right option for you. Did you visit a mobile shop recently? While checking the model did you notice that the model is attached on a stand with wire? That’s merchandising security for you. 

If you want to spend less, then you’ve got the option of inventory bar codes. They will not only help you track missing goods but also, help you with the inventory management and refilling part. 

For the high-profit retailers, there’s a brilliant option that will help them avoid human security services. Start using Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS). All you need to do is attach a tag on your items. The shoplifter won’t know about the same. As soon as the shoplifter walks out of the shop with the item, an alarm will be triggered. Both your purposes are served. Shoplifter gets caught and you get your things back!

  1. Don’t trust your employees

Yes. Internal shoplifting cases are the highest in comparison to the external shopliftings. Beware, your enemies are close to you. It’s natural to trust the employees because without trust there will be a non-congenial working environment. 

Now, your employed security guard needs to be vigilant about the employees as well. What can you do to avoid this? Very simple. Build a good relationship with employees. Conduct positive motivational huddles at the beginning of the day daily. 

In case you’ve costly items at your store, no matter what the employee feels, keep an exit checking system for your convenience. 

Your employee is representing your company and its service. How will it look if you’ve employed someone with a criminal background? Customers shouldn’t be harmed at any cost. Background checks of employees before appointing them is a must for any retailer.

At, Sniper Security Services, you get professional security guards for both shifts. Good news for you! Our night retail guards are even trained to use weapons in cases of necessities. Enjoy a good night’s sleep by appointing them. 

To make things easier for you, we’ve taught them good communication skills. If you hire our guard, we can assure of customer satisfaction. Facing shoplifting issues? Searching for a good security agency? Dial our number and avail our top-class services. Your protection is our mission.

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