Why Hire Food Trailers for Your Next Company Lunch?

Have you been thinking of new ways through which you can build a team that helps your business outperform all your competitors? Perhaps it’s time you host an outdoor lunch for all your employees! If you’re planning to host an outdoor lunch for your company, then the best way to get good quality food and services is by hiring a food truck. We, at Nagel’s Foods, provide just that! With us, you can avail excellent food trailers for events. What’s more? We have years of experience and specialize in providing food trailers for corporate events.

How will a company lunch help motivate your staff?

Lunch on a workday is one of the most anticipated hours for most people. It allows people to relax after a busy morning, and the best part is that there’s food! This hour also signifies that almost half the work for the day has been dealt with and soon within a few hours they can head home. Lunch hour is also a great time for employees to leave their desks and socialize with their co-workers, which is essential for the unity of a company.

If you decide to throw a nice outdoor lunch for your staff, then they are bound to feel as if they’re a valuable part of your business. You can even organize a lunch indoors, but a venue in an open space allows your staff to feel more relaxed as most of their days are spent in office cubicles, sitting and working on a computer. 

By organizing an outdoor lunch, they’ll get a change of scene and feel much more energized after the outing.

Here, we have mentioned a few more points as to how a simple gesture, such as a lunch can lift the spirits of your employees by a great margin.

  1. It helps with building morale

In a recent survey, 78% of employees reported that their companies provided food and drinks to them when they were in a meeting with clients, but no such amenities were provided during the company meetings. This may seem like a small thing, but to your staff, it’s not. This attitude may feel partial to them, which may leave a bitter taste in their mouth.

The best way to tackle this and help your employees feel valued is by taking them on lunches. You can either host a big outdoor lunch or simply take them out after a successful project. Whatever option you choose, remember it’s the gesture that matters the most.

  1. It helps increase company pride

The more perks you provide your staff with, the more they’ll be thrilled to work for your company. You must take care of your employees as they’re the ones that make your company. When you create an atmosphere where they feel that they’re cared for, they automatically feel immense pride towards the company. This essentially helps them achieve high productivity levels.

Another plus point of this is that it’ll also create a great image for your company from a marketing standpoint. Your clients will be pleased to work with you as they’d know that you treat your staff exceptionally well.

  1. It encourages your team to bond well

Scientists claim that we’re social creatures and solitude isn’t something that most of us prefer. This applies while we’re having meals as well. During office days, most people hardly have the time to do anything apart from work, which leads to most employees eating lunch alone and as quickly as possible. This takes the aspect of them being able to socialize and eventually creates a sense of anonymity among the team.

You can tackle this by hosting company lunches. That way your employees will be able to relax as their constant focus won’t be on getting back to work and they’ll be able to socialize a lot more. This will help your team develop a strong bond which directly affects productivity. If your staff feel happy while they’re at work, they’ll be able to work harder and faster very easily.

The more they feel comfortable working in your company, the better will be the results they produce. Good relationships with coworkers allow them to talk, socialize and divide the work among each other equally. 

Another reason as to why a good team bonding is necessary is that when your employees are emotionally invested, it’ll be hard for them to let go. This ultimately ensures that you have a team that is loyal to each other and your company.

We recommend that you host an outdoor lunch for your staff at least once a month. Make sure it’s on a weekday, preferably a Friday. The best option for catering at such events is food trailers. If you’re looking for food trailers in Michigan, then feel free to contact us.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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