Top 3 Gaming Industry Trends in 2019

The gaming industry can be quite tricky to predict. Who could have thought that the Nintendo Switch will be a huge hit one day despite its predecessor being a sales failure? Or, the little sandbox game named Minecraft will dominate the pop culture? Well, if you have an awesome game idea and looking to transform it into a stunning game, then you may be in need of a game development company in India that could help you with. This is exactly where Digital Aptech comes into the picture! We are a renowned game development company in India that houses the best game developers, who have already developed some of the most striking games.

Now that you are ready to invest in the gaming industry, let’s make you aware of the latest trends in the gaming industry. Read on.

  1. Multiplayer games will dominate
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Do you like running around on your phone bashing people? Then 2019 is going to let you have a lot of fun, just like the previous year! Games like PUBG and Fortnight have proved that mobile players like real-time battles. Even Pokemon Go joined the lot. This trend is going to rise.

  1. Smartphones will be a proxy for Consoles and PCs
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The price of iPhone XS starts at $999, Samsung Galaxy S10 at $900 and Pixel 3 at $799. At these prices, when it comes to making a choice between getting a new phone and buying a console, users, especially kids, go for the first. Why? Because it is what connects them to their social group and it is one of the most important devices in their lives! And this is exactly why Fortnite has been a success on both Android and iOS devices. This means cross-platform games will dominate 2019.

  1. Cloud-based gaming is all set to come to your phone
C:\Users\DAT-Asset-142\Downloads\Screenshot (84).png

From Google’s Project Stream and GeForce Now to Shadow – there are many cloud gaming services that are under test or have limited release. This could be the year when we can expect to see cloud game coming to life. Let’s hope it makes its debut in a big way!

Well, these are our top 3 picks. Of course, there are certain other gaming trends that we should mention:

  • AR and VR will slowly go mainstream
  • Rise of cross-platform games
  • Games with Ray Tracing will increase

So, which gaming technology are you going to invest in? As a game development company in India, let’s see how we can help. Get in touch with us now!

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